simplified chinese   hospital introduction experts introduction specialized medical care message contact us connective tissue disease rheumatic immune system disease mnd & muscular atrophy endocrine and thyroid disease(1) endocrine and thyroid disease(2) hematopathy andropathy and gynaopathy hormone madicine side effect service center the expert¡¯s hot-line: 1 ,rheumatic immune disease, connective tissue disease, behcet¡¯s disease, the flaccidity syndrome such as motor neurone disease, amyasthenia, muscular atrophy, etc. 0086- 010- 64027530 / 64062138 2 ,endocrine disease such as pituitary disease and adrenal disease, thyroid disease, gonad disease, etc. 0086- 010- 64014908 / 64013576 3 ,hematopathy disease such as anemia, aplastic anemia, purpura, leukemia, leukopenia and agranulemia, etc. 0086- 010- 64064927 ¡¡ 4 ,andropathy, gynaopathy( gynaecopathia), female(male) infertility and sterility disease such as impotence, seminal emission, praecox jaculation (prospermia, premature ejaculation), etc. 0086- 010- 84025357 / 84025926 5,fax: 0086- 010- 64062138 e-mail: ¡¡ sle999@126. Com the foreign patients could consult experts by telephone or seek medical advice from 8:30 to 16:30 on tuesday¡¢wednesday¡¢thursday¡¢saturday (beijing time, with translator) or by e-mail. Now please e-mail. The patient had better come to beijing to take a traditional chinese medicine treatment, or please fax, e-mail or mail us the materials of the resent symptom, laboratory test report, examine and primary medical report, height and weight, address and telephone number. Experts will make the tcm treat solution according to the patient's condition, then return to patients who can take treatment and consult by tel, fax, e-mail or mail in the period of treatment.         mnd & muscular atrophy   therapy brief introduction the brief introduction of tcm treatment for flaccidity syndrome such as myasthenia gravis, myastheniac syndrome, muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease, motor neurone injure, neurogenic injury, muscle nervous lesion, progressive spinal muscular atrophy (psma), progressive bulbarpalsy, primary laterel scleusi(pls) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), laterel scleusi(ls) , guillain-barre syndrome, gbs(aidp¡¢cidp) , stiffman syndrome(sms) , rachiomyelitis (acute myelopathy¡¢chronic myelitis) , poems syndrome (crow-fukase syndrome) , etc. The expert group of tcm flaccidity syndrome and myasthenia gravis disease which has the professors, physicians, practitioners and herbalist doc. cheap generic viagra buy viagra buy viagra super force erectile dysfunction pills generic viagra online viagra for sale buy viagra online purchase viagra without a prescription generic viagra online cheap viagra cheap generic viagra

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